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Web consumers love the on-demand experience of viewing streaming media services using video on demand software. As the number of consumers watching media on their PC continues to rise exponentially each year, re-broadcasting and providing video on demand on your websites is becoming more important each year.

HD live video streaming software is a hot trend that is emerging quickly around the world as internet bandwidth increases and fees decrease. Streaming media from your website allows audiences to watch movies, music, their favorite TV series and various kinds video based content repeatedly on their television set top boxes, PC’s and various other digital devices including mobile phones.
Understanding the requirements, expectations and attitudes of video-on-demand audiences is important to provide successful video on demand services. Below are the 5 key points to consider before offering a video on demand software service:

1) Loyalty towards Particular Shows:

A lot of viewers are loyal towards a particular show and often use online video on demand to consume a whole series in one go. Also, the mere availability of the program and a concentrated time frame also persuade the viewer to choose video on demand to watch their favorite show.

2) Nature of content affects experience:

Some people prefer to choose particular episodes of the shows using video of demand management if they have missed a previous episode. Some consumers will also watch the same episode repeatedly using video on demand services if they found a specific video interesting.

3) Complete vs. incomplete Episodes:

Video on demand services offer complete episodes to their users so visitors can choose when to watch. A lot of visitors want this complete experience whereas clips sites, like YouTube offer a different experience. Video on demand software gives viewers the option of a complete viewing experience.

4) Attitudes to illegal download:

Loyalty or a negative attitude towards illegal downloads is also a major factor why people opt for online video on demand services. Another reason for not consuming illegally is the low quality videos or bad user experience.

5) Using video on demand is dynamic:

Video on demand experiences are dynamic for those viewers who wish to be in absolute control of their content and viewing times. These viewers may want functionality that augments their experience, such as the capability to collect and distribute playlists that can be cued up to the player. Video on demand experiences are also easy for users, as they can just load the initial presentation and the video will continue until completion.

By opting for video on demand services you can get a huge library of free movies and television shows, as well as some network shows because a lot of video on demand software providers offer both videos that are sent through the mail as well as on demand services for digital streaming on their devices.

Get complete experience of live streaming video by selecting best online video management services and enjoy a huge library of free movies and television shows. Choose from a variety of video on demand software at MetrixStream.com.

319 – Warp Boxes Texture
video software
Image by Patrick Hoesly
This seamless texture was illustrated by Patrick Hoesly, a Kansas City based illustrator specializing in architectural illustrations and graphic design. This texture is released under the Creative Commons Attribution license. If you like this image, please mark it as a favorite and feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

What is a Seamless Texture / Pattern?
A seamless texture is an special image, where one side of a image exactly matches the opposite side, so that the edges blend into each other when repeated. Seamless textures are used for desktop wallpaper, webpage backgrounds, video games, Photoshop fills and in 3D rendering programs.

How did you make it?
This texture was made using software specially designed to aid in seamless texture creation. Some of the programs I’ve use are Photoshop, Illustrator, Filter Forge, Genetica, Image Synth, Alien Skin, Topaz Labs, Imagelys, and a Wacom tablet.

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Best Free Video Editing Software 2016-2017

A review of the top free video editors for 2016 to 2017.

Free alternatives to Final Cut and Adobe Premiere.




DaVinci Resolve 12 Basic Video Editing Tutorial: https://youtu.be/72l0leC91ec

Hitfilm 4 Express Basic Video Editing Tutorial: https://youtu.be/rUPzs2d2tcg




Best Free Screen Recorder 2016-2017: https://youtu.be/NDsuhd08r7s


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Music: Silent Partner – Monitors
Source: YouTube Audio Library

Touchpoint by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/

Music: Silent Partner – Easy Breezy
Source: YouTube Audio Library
Video Rating: / 5

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What can Live Streaming Video Software Offer to Online Businesses and Individuals?

One of the most widely used internet technologies, streaming video on demand offers a trend that not just benefits business, but is also great for consumers. The most commonly used live streaming technology video on demand permits users to access streaming video files using a web browser. In addition to product information on websites, live streaming software can include robust content like virtual classrooms and seminars.

Advantages that live streaming software can provide to individuals:

One major benefit of live video streaming software is the ability to get to a large number of views from around the world to watch content. From students to movie fanatics, anyone can get knowledge and information using live streaming video technology. Some other features of streaming video on demand are:

Helps users stream video and audio live from your PCYou can watch video streams from any web browser with a Flash plug-in or in Windows Media PlayerHost any number of pre-recorded video filesStream videos in any file formatStream video or jpg images from your webcamPre-record video for broadcast with DVR Advantages of live streaming for businesses:

Though the benefits of video on demand software depend upon the nature of your business, it is sure to promote any kind of product or service in a very compelling way.

Boosts Marketing Revenue: The use of live video streaming software not only makes it easy to promote your products/services, but it can also help increase advertising revenues to provide additional profit for your website content. By using live streaming video on your website you can get:

More potential customersCost effective platform for long distance learningAn easy way to attain results quicklyHigher benefits with lower costs
Live video streaming software on your website will help you:

Record programs for use indefinitelyPermit instructors to teach from anywhereReach numerous students/employees with virtual classesSell product/ services directly on your site in a more compelling manner
Try live streaming video software to benefit from this innovative technology. Search online to get the most appropriate video on demand software for your business or individual needs.

Video encoding – Solve all the problems your visitors face while uploading the digital movies by opting for live streaming software. Visit metrixstream.com to get live video streaming software . Increase ROI and make your business better by using streaming video on demand for your business.

YSE #28, me/END/you, is published.
video software
Image by YSE mag
jun.jul.ago. 2011
inviernosurveranonorte | ISBN 978-1-4477-5745-0

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Also available @ Lulu.

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Preocupados con actualizarnos constantemente, con obtener el último modelo de quién sabe qué, con lucir la insignia del consumidor moderno, informado, a la última.

Minados por ubicuos mensajes que insisten en recordarnos que siempre hay algo mejor, que lo que tenemos nunca es ni será suficiente, es y está destinado a ser antiguo, de la temporada pasada o lo que es lo mismo pero no igual, de hace siglos, que en consumo equivale a una era.

¿Y si decidimos no estarlo?

¿Y si decidiéramos no correr en pos del futuro hecho gadget, vehículo todoterreno o camisa a la moda?

Entonces es cuando descubrimos que estamos obligados. Que lo que parecía una opción no es más que una forma de enmascarar que los propios objetos nos fuerzan a desecharlos.

-Tienen voz propia y ejercen sus mandatos.

El sistema operativo ya no es compatible con el software que necesitamos instalar, el portátil ya no tiene la entrada que requiere el nuevo periférico, la mesa de Ikea no resistió la mudanza, la suela del zapato de la primavera pasada ya se ha despegado.

Todo ello concienzudamente programado para mantener un sistema que nos mantiene a su vez a nosotros. Para mantener nuestro trabajo, para mantener el trabajo de los que mantienen nuestro trabajo, para no romper un ciclo de compra-eliminación-compra más allá del cual produce -hmm… vaya término- pánico mirar.

Y mientras nos preparamos, una vez más, para actualizarnos, llenamos el contenedor de la basura con recursos malgastados. Desechamos trabajo de otros: trabajo diseñado para ser desechado. Objetos con fecha de expiración programada que cumplen sin errores ni retrasos su única función: asegurarse de que recordemos efectuar la siguiente compra.

¿Es ésta la única forma de alimentar el ciclo?

¿Hasta cuándo podrán los recursos soportar una carrera sin meta/s?

¿Esperaremos hasta entonces para imaginar alternativas?



Concerned with being constantly updated, with obtaining the latest model of who knows what, with wearing the badge of the modern, informed, up-to-date consumer.

Undermined by ubiquitous messages that insist in reminding us that there’s always something better, that what we have is nor will never be enough, is bound to be old, of the last season or, which is the same but not, of centuries ago, which in consumption is equal to an era.

What if we decide not to be?

What if we decide not to run in pursuit of a future made into a gadget, a SUV or a trendy shirt?

It’s then that we realise we’re forced. That was seemed an option is nothing but a way to mask the fact that the objects themselves force us to discard them.

-They have a voice of their own and take command.

The operating system is no longer compatible with the software we need to install, the laptop does not have the required input for the new peripheral, the Ikea table didn’t resist the move, the soles of the shoes we bought last spring have come apart.

All of this thoroughly programmed to support a system that in turn supports us. To keep a job, to support the job of those who support ours, to not break a cycle of purchase-disposal-purchase beyond which we panic just to look.

And while we once again prepare to update, we fill up the trash bin with wasted resources. We dispose of the work of others: work designed to be thrown away. Objects with a programmed expiration date, which serve their only function without errors or delays: to make sure we remember to make our next purchase.

Is this the only way to keep the cycle?

How long will resources be able to support a race without (a) finishing line(s)?

Will we wait until then to imagine alternatives?


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art direc & desig_
estudi prats

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rivera valdez

alicia pallas

albert jordà / nevus project

raquel barrera sutorra

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recycled memories & keep in touch, images by brancolina

now also on the ipad, by dou_ble_you


roman aixendri vivi cecilia atencio arrojas brancolina hernán dardes wilma eras oriol espinal rosa delia guerrero thomas hagström h.o. kozology françoise lucas graciela oses paula palombo alicia pallas leonie polah fernandoprats miguel ruibal jef safi susan wolff dou_ble_you


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Benefits of Live Streaming Video Software

Live streaming video is a major innovation in the consumer technology industry today. It involves the transmission of video data over the internet for real time viewing so that your visitors can get more information regarding your product/services. There are so many ways in which you can take advantage of this new streaming video technology. Some of the benefits of live streaming video software are:

Helps you Capture Streaming Video from Live News Feeds

Along with the benefit of archiving videos, another feature of this technology is live news feeds. Live streaming software can be used to broadcast news or seminars online. In fact, a lot of companies use video encoding services to convert and broadcast any news announcement about their company so that it can reach visitors directly. If visitors find your content beneficial or interesting they will often follow instructions or buy a certain product.

Records Live Streaming Video from Streamed Lectures

One more way to take advantage of live streaming software is to use this technology to deliver lectures. This helps a lot for online courses, where students cannot go to attend a lecture or meet face to face with their instructor. Live video streaming software would allow presenters to deliver live or pre-recorded lectures so that the students can get instruction from their home PCs. With the help of live streaming video, they get the option to record the video and benefit from the presentation in the future.

Apart from the above benefits, there are a lot more uses for video encoding software, some of which are listed below:

Helps businesses captivate visitors and also transforms them into email subscribers. Numerous video files conversion all at once. More interesting presentations means better conversion ratesVisitors today respond more to video than to textHigher community participation on your website with video encoding servicesIncreases the visibility of your web-based offerings Search online for live video streaming software to research the available solutions. Apart from helping businesses and increasing ROI, video encoding software also brings a truly effective solution to the problems that a lot of users face while uploading digital movies


Video encoding– Solve all the problems your visitors face while uploading the digital movies. Visit metrixstream.com to get live streaming software. Increase ROI and make your business better by using streaming video on demand for your business.

Supercell Storm at Gold Coast
video software
Image by Luke Zeme Photography
This is a shot from last night’s 15/10/2012 supercell storm chase down on the gold coast which ripped through Byron Bay area. This is shot from the head land at coolangatta looking down the coast to New South Wales. The storm brought hail the size of golf balls and 100km/hr winds.

I think I’m hooked on storm chasing… I was hoping for some cloud-ground lightning but all we got were lots and lots of these cloud-cloud strikes. They still light up the whole night sky and coast though. The wind and rain was so strong coming up this cliff at us and there were 3 other chasers here all battling the conditions holding down our tripods and sheltering from the rain literally coming sideways at us… The south brisbane storm chaser’s chased it on video and it should be on the channel ten news tonight 🙂

Software Used: OnOne Photosuite 9

More images from Australian and Japan here www.lukezeme.com