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Nowadays, quality viewing of latest videos has come within one’s easy reach with various audio video sites operating on the net. Good audio video software is very essential to actually live up to the promise of quality entertainment. Many audio visual service providers also provide software as well as programs and equipment.

More than just compatibility with the operating system, the software tool must be able to handle forms desired for inputting and outputting files. Good audio video software should include some features essential for facilitating quality viewing.

Are you looking for software, systems & gear to give your viewing a boost that you really needs?

The software must be capable of converting videos. It must be able to change formatted videos into the desired new format. A big movie can be made from out of several small films or clips by its capability to combine them. Storing selected pictures from videos is made possible by the software. It is Quality viewing you really seeking in the tips of your hands.

The enjoyment derived from captivating pictures with the use of a digital camera can be coupled with recording quality videos. The converts the pictures into 3GP format. Through this capability, watching and storing them on cell phones are made easier.

Several cell phones developed by big name companies support video files in the 3GP format. The audio video software converts avi and mpeg files into the 3PG format to facilitate watching them over the cell phones. The software offers the benefit of being able to also extract and convert MOV, 3GPP, AVI and other audio files.

The audio video software may be capable of doing some editing. Though this task requires a learning curve, it is made far easier with available editing software. The opportunity to produce professional quality edited video stories is possible with a small investment.

Some programs allow easy editing with added professional looking graphics, and audio lines can be cut and pasted. There are offers available for free video editing software. More can be done with sophisticated ones than these freebies. Awesome software with more creative and complex editing understandably come with handsomer cost. Vast majority of professionals cater to video editing and other large-file creative tasks.

The software audio video may be competent of doing a number of editing. Even though the fact that this task obliges a knowledge curve, it is prepared far easier with existing editing software. The prospect to fabricate qualified quality edited video stories is probable with a little venture. This is the software that you dreamed about that can give a unique and easy viewing time.

With PCs dominating the market, there are more video editing programs for this particular market. Good audio video software goes beyond helping download and convert choice videos that run on different formats. In respect of the prices, company background and client checks, research and analysis of services offered are necessary. Furthermore it can be done with classy ones than these giveaways. Breathtaking isn’t it? Software with more imaginative and multipart editing reasonably comes with handsomer cost.

A simple man that loves to explore and share things through writing. He loves to share his knowledge to the users who care to understand everything about at Audio Video Software. Go and visit the Audio Video Software free website to get plenty of more information at Audio Video Software.

video software
Image by Pandora’s Perspective
For July Scavenge Challenge #15. So it begins. Show the first stitch, the first saw cut, the very beginning of any project.

For ODC – Group 3 – things with wings

Those who follow my stream would be familiar with my pelican addiction ( sadly, one of many ! ) I have been wanting to incorporate many of my images into a video, so rather than boring everyone for a protracted period I could bore them just the once and get it over and done with. This month’s challenge has provided me with the perfect opportunity to teach myself how to do this simply ( I hope) and I’ve located what appears to be the perfect software (screenshot below)
I hope this is acceptable for the challenge Crow !

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Free Video Editing Software For New Video Producers

No one can create a video to post online without considering the editing process. The editing process can run short but in most cases, it takes a while to complete. It’s best for a new video producer to learn about the free video editing software options that are available to users. There are a nice variety of editing software options for individuals to choose from. There are free editing software packages that range in difficulty to use from basic, up to advanced.

If the video that is being editing for uploading is being edited on a Mac computer, Mac users can use the iMovie software program. It takes a little time to get used to, but it works. While this editing software has its advantages and disadvantages, overall it works fine for what its purpose is for.

If an individual is using a Windows PC for their video editing purposes, they can use editing software such as Windows Movie Maker. This is a very simplified editing software package. The iMovie and the Windows Movie Maker editing packages are fine for the beginner video editor. The new user simply needs to familiarize themselves with the programs. Then, they can upload their movies online for viewing.

If video editing individuals who want to use more intermediate or advanced software, they can use an editing software program such as Final Cut Studio. There are other editing software programs that offer more advanced features. The new editor simply needs to get familiar with these programs, then they will find that they will be able to perform all sorts of tasks. However, one shouldn’t feel that they need to start out with an advanced video editing program. Again, using iMovie for Mac, or Windows Movie Maker for PCs works just fine for those who are just learning the video editing process.

Concerning optimizing a video for the search engines, you can perform lots of easy tricks that SEO professionals use. First, the importance of learning how to edit a video is so that you can learn how to break up your video into digestible pieces, so to speak. For example, let’s say that you have produced a twenty minute video regarding a certain topic. The video streaming websites such as YouTube will only allow videos to be 10 minutes long. Therefore, you will have to break up your twenty-minute video in half, at the very least. How would you go about this?

This is where your video editing skills come into play. You will have to determine the right break points in your video. This way, your viewers will be able to follow each video in a manner they can comprehend. You could add in a break such as fading to black, adding a pause, adding in script, or anything else that signals that a video is completed, and another one will follow. It would look disjointed to run a video that suddenly cuts off cold while a viewer is watching the video. Therefore, look for natural breaks in the video such as conversation lulls or pauses in between questions. Breaks in conversation or scenes provide natural breaks for video presentations.

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The Stanford Memorial Church – First Impressions of the Nikon D800
video software
Image by kern.justin

By this point, the internet is fairly full of Nikon D800 reviews. Photographers from around the world have largely confirmed that this camrea is a modern marvel. It boasts a 36.3-megapixel sensor and a bevy of professional video features to make even the most jaded photog drool in pure, unadulterated gear-lust.

Being a Nikon D700 shooter, I was curious if the rather large sum of money with which I parted would be sorely missed after shooting with the new beast. Rather than provide a point by point review, I thought I would stretch the sensor’s legs a bit and simply share the resulting frames.

I am happy to report that I am one happy customer. Not only does this camera slake the thirst of an admitted resolution junkie, but as we shall see in a moment, it’s high-ISO capabilities are out-of-the-park awesome. Rest assured, this camera is indeed in a class of its own.

A friend and I headed into the ruddy, amber confines of the Stanford Memorial Church at noon a few days ago to see what we could see.

I picked the church not only because it is close enough for me to sneak out and photograph on a quick lunch break, but also because it presents a dynamic range challenge that few other interiors can boast. There are a few hanging lanterns that cast a paltry yellow glow and a central, circular skylight that beams the gigalumens of the noon sun directly onto the floor. Consider also that the stations painted on the walls of the recessed porticos are in deep shadow and you have a dynamic range well above 14 stops.

What you see below are one exposure images from the D800, processed exclusively in Adobe Lightroom 4. The combination of this sensor and that software are nothing short of revolutionary.

Click through to my website to see which of these images were taken at ISO 6400!!

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Video on Demand Software & Streaming Media Services for Web Visitors

Web consumers love the on-demand experience of viewing streaming media services using video on demand software. As the number of consumers watching media on their PC continues to rise exponentially each year, re-broadcasting and providing video on demand on your websites is becoming more important each year.

HD live video streaming software is a hot trend that is emerging quickly around the world as internet bandwidth increases and fees decrease. Streaming media from your website allows audiences to watch movies, music, their favorite TV series and various kinds video based content repeatedly on their television set top boxes, PC’s and various other digital devices including mobile phones.
Understanding the requirements, expectations and attitudes of video-on-demand audiences is important to provide successful video on demand services. Below are the 5 key points to consider before offering a video on demand software service:

1) Loyalty towards Particular Shows:

A lot of viewers are loyal towards a particular show and often use online video on demand to consume a whole series in one go. Also, the mere availability of the program and a concentrated time frame also persuade the viewer to choose video on demand to watch their favorite show.

2) Nature of content affects experience:

Some people prefer to choose particular episodes of the shows using video of demand management if they have missed a previous episode. Some consumers will also watch the same episode repeatedly using video on demand services if they found a specific video interesting.

3) Complete vs. incomplete Episodes:

Video on demand services offer complete episodes to their users so visitors can choose when to watch. A lot of visitors want this complete experience whereas clips sites, like YouTube offer a different experience. Video on demand software gives viewers the option of a complete viewing experience.

4) Attitudes to illegal download:

Loyalty or a negative attitude towards illegal downloads is also a major factor why people opt for online video on demand services. Another reason for not consuming illegally is the low quality videos or bad user experience.

5) Using video on demand is dynamic:

Video on demand experiences are dynamic for those viewers who wish to be in absolute control of their content and viewing times. These viewers may want functionality that augments their experience, such as the capability to collect and distribute playlists that can be cued up to the player. Video on demand experiences are also easy for users, as they can just load the initial presentation and the video will continue until completion.

By opting for video on demand services you can get a huge library of free movies and television shows, as well as some network shows because a lot of video on demand software providers offer both videos that are sent through the mail as well as on demand services for digital streaming on their devices.

Get complete experience of live streaming video by selecting best online video management services and enjoy a huge library of free movies and television shows. Choose from a variety of video on demand software at MetrixStream.com.

319 – Warp Boxes Texture
video software
Image by Patrick Hoesly
This seamless texture was illustrated by Patrick Hoesly, a Kansas City based illustrator specializing in architectural illustrations and graphic design. This texture is released under the Creative Commons Attribution license. If you like this image, please mark it as a favorite and feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

What is a Seamless Texture / Pattern?
A seamless texture is an special image, where one side of a image exactly matches the opposite side, so that the edges blend into each other when repeated. Seamless textures are used for desktop wallpaper, webpage backgrounds, video games, Photoshop fills and in 3D rendering programs.

How did you make it?
This texture was made using software specially designed to aid in seamless texture creation. Some of the programs I’ve use are Photoshop, Illustrator, Filter Forge, Genetica, Image Synth, Alien Skin, Topaz Labs, Imagelys, and a Wacom tablet.

Check out my Blog at zooboingreview.blogspot.com

Best Free Video Editing Software 2016-2017

A review of the top free video editors for 2016 to 2017.

Free alternatives to Final Cut and Adobe Premiere.




DaVinci Resolve 12 Basic Video Editing Tutorial: https://youtu.be/72l0leC91ec

Hitfilm 4 Express Basic Video Editing Tutorial: https://youtu.be/rUPzs2d2tcg




Best Free Screen Recorder 2016-2017: https://youtu.be/NDsuhd08r7s


Website: http://mostlytech.net

Amazon Store: http://amazon.mostlytech.net

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mostlytechnology

Twitter: http://twitter.com/techmostly


Music: Silent Partner – Monitors
Source: YouTube Audio Library

Touchpoint by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/

Music: Silent Partner – Easy Breezy
Source: YouTube Audio Library
Video Rating: / 5

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AllPepole video converter software – video format conversion

AllPepole video converter is a common powerful video conversion tool, strengthen the video processing software, allows you to convert the video format is easy (such as convert AVI to MOV, AVI to MPEG, WMV to AVI, MPEG to WMV popular formats, such as DV, MKV), you can also create video clips. Available in the free version, AllPepole video converter can be in all possible combinations of AVI, MKV, DV, MOV, MPEG 1, 2 and 4, WMV format conversion between.

Support all possible codec and video formats, video conversion tool allows the user to play any type of media in most portable video players. Cut, split, merge and the ability to adjust the video streaming, can be easily uploaded to YouTube, Facebook and other popular video hosting service.

AllPepole video converter is a leading Video Converter converts Video and turnkey tools, conversion between popular Video and audio formats. Our software including batch convert video conversion to thousands of documents and basic video editing tool.

The software has a simple and friendly user interface. Even beginners have found the answer. When you are free on the Internet to AVI video converter, free MPEG video converter, free FLV video converter, MOV converter for free, free YouTube or Facebook converter search, AllPepole video converter is your right choice. Download a free video converter convert video quickly and easily.

Free download at app store:

AllPepole is a terminal software manufacturer and vendor for against civilians! This high-tech software enterprise provides software products include media series, office series, mobile series, and enterprise services series. such as Media Player,Video Merger,Mobile Transfer,Video Converter, Photo Editor ,Video Cutter etc…AllPepole is a terminal software manufacturer and vendor for against civilians! This high-tech software enterprise provides software products include media series, office series, mobile series, and enterprise services series. such as Media Player,Video Merger,Mobile Transfer,Video Converter, Photo Editor ,Video Cutter etc…

AllPepole video converter is a leading Video Converter converts Video and turnkey tools, conversion between popular Video and audio formats.

Afternoon at the Chateau
video software
Image by Stuck in Customs
Here is one of the many images created during the workshop. I decided I liked this slightly off-center version rather than right down the middle. I loved the one right down the middle too, of course, but just was giving the situation a bit of a curve-ball. The tree branches seemed so interesting to me, and I wanted to accentuate them in post processing so they felt like one hundred little arrows, all pointing at the chateau.

– Trey Ratcliff

Click here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.


Why Should You Pay For Video Editing Software?

If you are looking for video editing programs and have ascertained that there are several free ones on offer then the question is, why pay for video editing software? After all, there are freebies available consequently what does a paid item present that the free one does not.

In the beginning a free video software product may really be the best choice for you, especially if you are just starting to look at this area of interest.

Both Macs and the Windows operating systems offer reasonably capable video editors as part of their packages. As for Mac it is dubbed iMovie and for Windows before Windows 7 it is called Movie Maker. After Windows 7 it is still called Movie Maker but does not come as part of the operating system. All you have to do is visit the Windows Live website and secure a free copy there.

Both of these video editors are reasonably flexible in their usage and can offer the greenhorn an admirable initiation into the major actions of consumer video editing. They will get you familiar with a variety of functionalities in addition to the workflow that a large amount of video editing programs stick to.

The drawback to these types of free products is that they are reasonably limited in the diversity of video and audio file types that they are able to import and are yet more narrow in what they will be able to export. Don’t be overly put off by this in the beginning because regardless of this restriction you may still create good video for online display and along with some extra programs you can turn out DVDs too.

What do I get if I pay?

Firstly there are the obvious things. The number of special effects functionalities like transitions and filters increases a great deal. The amount of power you receive regarding both the video itself as well as audio along with still photographs additionally expands to a great extent. The paid consumer video editing software we have at present is incredibly sophisticated and can do many wonderful things provided you are willing to learn.

Furthermore, the assortment of video file types that this sort of software can cope with will nearly always include whatever is offered in the marketplace of the day. Lots of of the latest video devices are employing file types that are highly compressed and exceptionally difficult to contend with regarding editing.

To conclude we arrive at the hidden advantages. When you pay for editing software you are additionally in receipt of the support and development behind the software to make this kind of home user editing a great deal more potent. The area of home user video editing programs is moving forward at a rapid tempo. The hardware being used to record video is changing constantly and so are the file formats being utilized to record those videos. Additionally, the means by which we are subsequently viewing the video is developing in conjunction with the file standards that are being used for that.

You can observe that the field of video editing software needs to constantly stay abreast of evolving technology. The harsh financial detail is that only those software manufacturers that bank on people buying their software possess that enticement to keep up.

So should you pay for video editing programs? If you are just starting the broad reply is, no. But, if you have some understanding and have hit the limits of the free programs then possibly it is time to focus on making an investment in paid software.

The Distant Mist
video software
Image by Stuck in Customs
While in Iceland, I traveled through a lowlands area early in the morning. A mist — a video-game-mist — started moving quickly across the ground and through the distant hillocks. It was all so surreal that I barely remembered that I should be taking a photo of this. That was a strange feeling, since the whole reason I was there was to take photos! 🙂

– Trey Ratcliff

Read the rest of this entry at the Stuck in Customs blog.

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Best Software application Solutions For Creating Engaging Video Sales Letters – Easy VSL Software Critique

You have most likely discovered a transformation in the last a number of years of online stores that are not presenting sales letters and only print format. At the top of a lot of sales letters today, you will certainly have a video which will either show a PowerPoint discussion, or it will have an actual speaker that is reading the sales letter aloud. The goal is to make the sales letter as appealing as possible, and considering that most people statistically do not check out the entire sales letter, skipping down to all-time low to see the rewards and the price in many cases, by having the sales letter read to them, it will certainly save them the problem of needing to read it themselves, enhancing your possibilities of making the sale. Many of the videos also autoplay, and can not be stopped up until the video is actually over. A few of them will just reveal the sales letter after someone has viewed the video for a number of minutes, causing your bounce rate to reduce drastically. Right here are the leading reasons engaging video sales letters are going to make you more money and the software options that are readily available today that can help you achieve this job.

Why Video Sales Letters Sell More

The factor that video sales letters are more successful is since individuals enjoy seeing videos. Although Kindle books are popular online, when it pertains to checking out an entire sales page, lots of people stop about halfway through. In the same way that people prefer to have stories check out to them which is why audio books are so popular today, having a sales letter that integrates the use of video and audio, you can increase your chances of visitors going through your entire sales letter simply since they do not have to read it. The more that they read, the more that the sales copy will certainly impact them, changing their perspective of what it is they wish to do. Particularly, instead of merely seeing your product, and thinking of it, they will in fact take action and make the purchase.

Best Software application Solutions For Video Sales Letters

If you can’t afford to do so, you must have a expert develop your video for you. This can be very pricey, relying on the overall length of your sales letter, and the kind of video that you want to have actually done. A better option for lots of people, particularly in regard to the cost is to acquire a program called Camtasia which is a screen capture program that is made use of by expert Web online marketers all over the world in order to make videos. It’s simple to connect with PowerPoint, permitting you to show a discussion while you narrate the sales page that you have currently composed. By adding this video to the top of your sales letter, you will definitely enhance the amount of sales that you use this easy to use software program.

Basic Solutions For Developing Engaging Sales Letters With The Right Software application

On the planet of Web marketing, for any kind of service or product that you are going to offer, having actually a correctly written sales letter is your key to success. Some people will pay as much as $ 30,000 for a experienced copywriter to develop their sales page for them, knowing that they will have the ability to recoup their revenues in a brief quantity of time. Additionally, video sales letters have ended up being exceptionally popular, mostly because of the popularity of videos and how people like to have the sales letter read to them opposed to reading it themselves. This is the same idea behind the popularity of audio books that individuals purchase and download on a regular basis. As soon as this is incorporated into your sales letter, you can anticipate enhanced income. Exactly what many people do not know is the kind of software application to make use of to develop videos by themselves, something that we will certainly now discuss.

Best Software application For Video Sales Letters

If you are going to select a sales letter video software application, Camtasia is the very best selection every time. This software has actually been available for around a years, and is utilized by all of the leading Internet marketing professionals, and individuals that offer items on the Internet where a video sales letter is necessary. Although people can have the video for their sales letter done by a expert, it can cost a couple thousand dollars. Instead, you can acquire Camtasia for several hundred dollars, and use it numerous times, in order to develop videos that are essential to assist enhance your sales for your products online.

Mark Thompson and Matt Callen– two of the very best in the web marketing company for creating incredible software application for marketing professionals (you willactually use)– have actually developed a simple, yet reliable software application for creating sales videos quickly & easy.It ‘s called Easy VSL!So what is Easy VSL?EasyVSL is the easiest video sales letter software you ‘ll ever find online that will assist you create an engaging high-converting VSL in minutes!

this one is the most convenient video sales letter software application you ‘ll ever discover online that will assist you develop an interesting high-converting VSL in minutes!Continue reading more in our article – easy vsl app.

“Designing on no sleep” artsy video puzzle art by mimitalks, married, under grace (view my Pinnacle Studio HD Ultimate video art in HD)
video software
Image by mimitalks, married, under grace

still from the artsy video puzzle art
(Included in my sets on Flickr, all done with templates I came up with – Digital Puzzle art images and my set of artsy Video Art (Creative, Build-it Slideshows)
(quick how-to – all graphics were done with Paint Shop Pro vs. 6 (first "drawing" the template with the mouse and the line tool – I use the pencil tool a lot). All the graphics in this are mine (no canned tubes). Putting together the video – including the music – was done with Pinnacle Studio HD Ultimate vs. 15 – (Avid product).
I used lots of the options for the Deformation tool in Paint Shop Pro here – making something a circle and then pinching it and punching it. The puzzle template was blurred on purpose at first with with motion blur to make the pieces stand out. The duplicate option (reproducing a layer exactly where it is in the image) has become my best friend. Do you know I just found that within the last year? (I used to place copied layers painstakingly by hand.) I’ve redone my puzzle template, so it is a little cleaner to work with. I have several inner bevel settings from PSP to accomplish making the puzzle pieces. I used the twirl setting here to "spin" the first pieces – you set the tightness of the spin by number options. It "spins" the entire frame. Later in the artsy video art, I rotate the single pieces across the image by hand, at fifteen percent rotation at a time on each one until I have a complete revolution. Throughout I used feathering with freehand (the lasso) selection, adjusment of brightness/contrast and colorization to get the dynamic look of the frames running (around 400 in all). I used gaussian blur sparingly to prevent a pixely or cut-look as the pieces "twirled", and generally to smooth any pixelation that occured anywhere as I worked with this. On the "slowly dropping out-of-sight" puzzle pieces – to do this correctly, you really have to watch the placement of positional numbers (so many pixels in both horizontally and vertically) and keep everything lined up – or it won’t flow smoothly and "jiggle". That is very painstaking, but worth it. I went a step up on using more 3-D transitions than just the fade effect for transitions between frames (Alpha Pack) and was very pleased with the result – an option from Pinnacle. The negative imaging option was used to make the black on white template white on black and was used on the puzzle pieces across the top specifically. I used the pattern setting and the mosaic glass setting in the final images. If you view, enjoy. Any questions? Flickr mail me. Thx ever so……………..Mimi


What is the most simple video cutter software?

In general, the physical resolution of 720 p or above is defined as a high definition (HD) video format. AllPepole Video Cutter is just a high-definition video cutting machine, support HD WMV HD video format conversion, mpeg-4, MOD, TOD, AVCHD (M2TS MTS, M2T), TS, TP, TRP, MKV, h. 264 / AVC and QuickTime.

AllPepole Video Cutter is fully capable of hd video, SD (standard definition) video conversion precision, for normal video formats, such as AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG, RM, RMVB conversion, it is just a good hd video converter for this piece of cake.

What is the most simple video cutter software?

AllPepole Video Cutter is one of the most simple video cutter software with video cutting function, and other advanced editing features, including adding special effects, watermark, subtitles, real-time preview, etc.

Here is how to cut hd video free

1 click the “add file” and choose the video/audio file.

2 drag the slider, choose the video/audio part to cut or trim. Click on the “cut” to obtain a preview file. You can repeat the above steps to generate multiple preview files.

3 click the “browse…” decided to save the path.

4 click “start” to start cutting and save the output at the same time.

Free trial at iTunes app store:

AllPepole is a terminal software manufacturer and vendor for against civilians! This high-tech software enterprise provides software products include media series, office series, mobile series, and enterprise services series. such as Media Player,Video Merger,Mobile Transfer,Video Converter, Photo Editor ,Video Cutter etc…
AllPepole is a terminal software manufacturer and vendor for against civilians! This high-tech software enterprise provides software products include media series, office series, mobile series, and enterprise services series. such as Media Player,Video Merger,Mobile Transfer,Video Converter, Photo Editor ,Video Cutter etc…
AllPepole is a terminal software manufacturer and vendor for against civilians! This high-tech software enterprise provides software products include media series, office series, mobile series, and enterprise services series. such as Media Player,Video Merger,Mobile Transfer,Video Converter, Photo Editor ,Video Cutter etc…

AllPepole Video Cutter is fully capable of hd video, SD (standard definition) video conversion precision, for normal video formats, such as AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG, RM, RMVB conversion, it is just a good hd video converter for this piece of cake.

The Sorbonne
video software
Image by Stuck in Customs
My friend (and website designer), Fabien Barral, met my wife and I in Paris to take us out to dinner. We left the hotel, and about 30 seconds out the door, we came across this street side cafe right by the Sorbonne, the famous university. Luckily, I think both of them were used to this behavior and chatted pleasantly while I snapped away.

I worked on this photo all day. People often ask me how long I work on photos. If you’ve seen the HDR Video Tutorial here on the site, you know it takes me anywhere from 15 minutes to three hours. This one was on the long side for sure… It was tough work, but I am happy with the results.

– Trey Ratcliff

Read the rest here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

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Using Video Submission Software In An Effective Manner

Supporting content marketing through video submission software can help to make the already-conscientious marketer even more successful when it comes to getting his or her video content out to as many of the Internet’s video directories as possible. Think of this software as being similar to software that helps to make article marketing much easier than it used to be. In fact, literally hundreds of directories can be accessed quite quickly with it.

The basic theory that underlies this sort of software is actually fairly easy to understand; after the video is completed, software will take it and begin creating specific accounts at each video submission directory. Once that’s been completed, sites such as YouTube and others will then take the video that’s been submitted by the software and post it. It could take a person days to do what the software does in short order, in other words.

Good video submission software programs handle the task of re-creating descriptions and titles (sometimes known as “spinning”) so that the video then becomes a unique product once it’s been submitted to each directory. As well, submission software can also create snapshot or very in-depth reports in Excel or PDF formats so that the video marketer can assess which directories have accepted the video and which haven’t.

In all, it’s hard to see a downside to something that has been designed to eliminate literally hundreds of man-hours from the task of submitting a video to a directory, when the aim should always be on producing a quality video and not on wasting time trying to get it submitted. Using video submission software can help reduce or completely eliminate the problem quickly, it must be said.

It’s helpful if one looks at submission software as being exactly like a tool that’s particularly valued and effective. As far as the content marketing event (taking useful content that may contain information about something that the marketer wishes to sell, for example) such video software can come in quite handy. It allows one to take the power of the Internet to do activities such as submitting a video quite easily, which is a real selling point when it, honestly.

Currently, the number of top quality video directories stands at about 40 or so. Additionally, another hundred video directories occupy the second tier, and it would take literally days for a person to take a single video and submit it to every directory that accepts video content from its members. The chances are also fairly high that a number of rejections would result because the directories might look at the video as what’s called duplicate content.

Once the software has been installed on a computer and a video created and entered into the software, it takes over from there. Titles, descriptions and a few other pieces of information are changed, and then the video submission software does its magic. The bottom line is that such software platforms can really make content marketing go much easier for any affiliate marketer (or anybody who wishes to promulgate a video widely) then it really usually is.

To get the latest on video submission software, you need to know where to search. Many websites today can tell you the best type of software to use and how it made them to the top. Http://TrafficGeyserSEO.com

Flip Mino
video software
Image by Island Capture (aka Silverph or psilver)
I finally got the Flip Mino!

After a few hours of testing, I can confidently say that this gadget rocks! Both hardware and software are well made and I have not encountered any problems recording and sending video to someone online.

Video and sound are great. Of course it does not compete with more expensive HD video cameras but for the price and size, this is worth having.

A very simple, no frills, very portable, it goes wherever I go, video camera. I originally got this so that I can record short videos to send to my son but it looks like I will be using this for other things as well.


PS, I got that flimsy tripod from Scott Sherman of "The Digital Photography Show Podcast" . Turns out to be handy for the Flip Mino!

Best Video Editing Software Available for Novices


Are you looking to edit videos the quick and easy way? Not a video editing expert? With the best video editing software you can edit beautiful looking videos from home in a matter of minutes. Click the link below to get started:


best video editing software
best video editor
video editor software
good video editing software
easy video editing software
top video editor

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Digital Video Editing Software

Have you ever thought it would be nice if you could make your photo look a bit more pleasant, or have you ever wanted to make your recorded video to be shorter in length? Digital video software products will provide you with as many options as you would have ever imagined editing your recorded video or a captured photo.

Digital video software provide you with a wide array of options, assisting you in editing the videos and photos you have. Digital video editing has come to a very high level. Therefore users now have the ability of changing their backgrounds and colors the way they desire. Unwanted parts in a picture can be erased with a simple click and colors can be made lighter or brighter, suiting all your needs.

Different kinds of digital video software products offer various features to their customers. If you have recorded a birthday party using a digital video camcorder, then all you have to do is plug the camcorder into a computer that has the digital video software. Inserting music, cutting off unwanted video clips and minimizing the length of the whole video can all be done by using digital video software. In addition to all this, digital video software products also enable the conversion of video from one format to another. This of course is done with the encoding technology from converter software.

Purchasing a branded digital video software product can be really easy with the number of products that are already in the market. But before purchasing one, it is important to know what your requirements are. Do you simply want to edit videos for home use or do you want to do it in a more professional way? Companies that carry out editing procedures for films, etc will need digital video software designed specifically for that purpose. Having an idea about what you really want can be beneficial before purchasing any type of digital video software.

The increased demand for branded video editing software products has paved the way for giants in the digital market to release products of high quality and competitive prices. The World Wide Web is also an awesome place to get enough of information regarding quality digital video software products.

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Learning Color Blindness by Example 1
video software
Image by WarzauWynn
People often ask me "what does it look like to you" when I tell them I’m color blind. (I believe the correct terminology is that I have "color-inhibited vision", but I prefer good old color blind.) It’s hard to effectively explain that I merely can’t distinguish certain colors from each other under certain lighting situations and that the conditions are pretty complex.

"What color is that?" is a common follow-up question.

Using software called Color Oracle I am able to show examples of what it looks like for the color blind. Since I don’t always have the software available I have made a few demonstrations of what it looks like to me so I can refer to them when I’m out and about.

The above images are nearly indistinguishable to me.

Since the condition is a problem of distinguishing between different colors, hue rotation can be used to solve the problem of indistinction, but nothing can be done to resolve the imperception of the colors which I am unable to perceive. If you are not color blind you’ll simply never know what we really see.

On the topic of computer software, what I am ultimately looking for is something that will let me rotate hues at the video driver level, affecting the entire output to the displays simultaneously. Only then will I be able to kick your ass in Day of Defeat Source without mowing down my comrades in the process.

Here is the original of the image above: Saraset

Here are more examples of color blindness.

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Video Editing Software – What is the BEST?

I often have people ask me, “What’s the best video editing software to use?”

My answer is always, “It depends.”

What are you going to edit? How much experience do you have? How complicated do you want to get?

What is “best” for one person won’t necessarily be best for the next person.

Personally, I use Final Cut Express. I love it. FCE will do almost everything it’s big brother, Final Cut Studio will do. The biggest difference between the two is in the number of video file formats it works with. Final Cut Studio works with a larger number of professional grade formats.

I still shoot on mini dv, which is accepted in Final Cut Express, so I saved myself a bundle and bought FCE. ($ 1,200 vs. $ 300)

Validation for my luv of FCE came when I read Videomaker Magazine’s annual Best Products of the Year awards. Videomaker gave Final Cut Express the “Best Video Editing Software” title.

According to Videomaker, FCE is a fantastic, low-cost stepping stone into professional-grade editing. The newest version, FCE 4.0 even accepts AVCHD, the new high-definition format.

VideoMaker’s annual “Best” awards have several more categories for video editing software. In a category they call, “Best Introductory Editing Software,” Videomaker declared a tie between Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 12 ($ 129) and Corel Video Studio Pro X2, ($ 99). According to Videomaker, both programs are simple enough for beginners but powerful enough to do complex tasks. (FCE would probably drive newbies just as nuts as Final Cut Pro.)

Pinnacle Studio actually has three levels of complexity and price. Pinnacle Studio is the least expensive at $ 49, Studio Plus comes in at $ 99 and Ultimate v. 12 costs $ 129. All three keep simplicity at the forefront by configuring tasks as templates rather than making the editor select all variables involved. This feature is definitely what a beginner wants.

Corel Video Studio comes in two levels of complexity and price. Pro X2 costs $ 99 and the basic version runs $ 70. The basic version limits you to two video tracks and two video overlay tracks while the pro version gives you seven.

When considering an entire suite of video editing software, VideoMaker Magazine gave the top nod to Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium at $ 1,699. NOT CHEAP. But you get all this: Illustrator, Photoshop Extended, Flash Professional, After Effects, Premiere Pro (the actual video editing software), Encore, Sound Booth, Device Control, Bridge and Dynamic Link. If you are really serious about achieving professional level video editing, this would be a great package. If you don’t need quite that much capability, you can get Premiere Pro by itself for $ 799. Adobe has done a good job of making Premiere much more user-friendly over the years and they also now have a version for Mac.

Adobe also won a Most Innovative Software award for Visual Communicator 3, made especially for the video blogger. Adobe touts it as streaming video made simple. The software helps you with the entire production process, not just post production. It includes a teleprompter as well as features that let you upload your to the web. Adobe purchased this software from a company called Serious Magic.

The final software award, Best Visual Effects Software, was given to proDAD Adorage. If you want to add lots of fancy transitions, this software includes transition effects such as Particles and Lights, Universal Tricks, Diamond Composites, Power FX Pearls, Eyecatcher FX and Particles and Objects. All nine volumes together sell for $ 499. You can get individual packages starting at $ 73. Keep in mind this software is not full-fledged video editing software, but rather a package to use in conjunction with standard video editing software.

So if you have been looking to buy some video editing software, consider your needs and budget. Then you can decide what is best for you.

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Lorraine Grula
Internet Video Gal

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Waterfalls at Midnight
video software
Image by Stuck in Customs
I had done a little research about the southern part of Iceland before my trip, but I left enough gaps to be surprised.

On this particular night, it was about 65 degrees (18 C), so it was just a tad perfect. The air was wet with moisture from an evening rainstorm, and it was held aloft by the strange weather patterns. When I first saw this waterfall, it was around midnight. By the time I got into this position, it was about 1 AM or so.

Once again, I had not seen another human for hours. It was so eerie walking around these amazing places alone. Typically, with something so grandiose, you sort of expect a bunch of tourists to be lurking about. So, alone, it all feels a bit post-apocalyptic. But thanks to a ton of video games, I’m well versed with how to survive in these situations.

Read more here at stuckincustoms.com.

Looking for great video editing software to edit your YouTube videos, so you can edit like a Pro… I give you my best video editing software picks for beginners to Pro (Free & Paid Picks) for both Windows and Mac users.

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Best Video Editing Software For YouTube
Windows Movie Maker (PC)
Free video editor for Windows users.

iMovie (Mac)
An easy to use video editor for Mac users.

Camtasia (PC/Mac)
Great to record your screen and for beginners with video editing

ScreenFlow (Mac)
My favorite for screen recording and light editing.

Sony Vegas (PC)
This is a powerhouse for video editing

Adobe Premiere Pro CC (PC/Mac)
Adobe Premiere Pro is my companies favorite and the of the most powerful video editing programs for Mac and Windows.

Final Cut Pro X (Mac)
I use this video editing software everyday to edit one thing or another. I edit all my tutorials on YouTube with this bad boy!

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