Create your own videos and audios with video encoding

Live streaming video software is an uninterrupted service enabling you to watch or listen to on demand online videos. It is a great way to download digital content on the latest digital devices like set top boxes, home computers, portable devices.

Video encoding services allows you to convert your media and watch your favorite movies, programs or even music online. Interactive videos are also a great way to communicate with users or customers. Even the education and medical communities are using live video streaming software for advanced and interactive learning or even to assist in surgeries on patients from remote areas. Streaming video on demand is also very common in aircrafts where the passengers can watch online videos during their flight.

While creating a video stream, there are many video file formats to select from. The common formats are Windows media, Adobe flash, real media and quick time. Each format has its pros and cons and depends on the device and device software the user has. The most important point to keep in mind when creating streaming video on demand is that you should keep a separate file for each format to ensure your content is available to the maximum amount of users.

There are two ways to view media online, one is streaming video and the other is downloading. Downloading can allow you to save the file on your computer which you can open and view when you need. You will have to wait until the entire file downloads to the computer before viewing it though. Using a hyperlink to the file, you can provide the downloadable videos to users from your website or embed the file in a web page using HTML code. The user of the software can then either drag and drop the videos in the program’s interface or use the file browser to do so. The software itself can encode a wide variety of video formats including avi, flv, wmv and mp4.

Video Encoding software allows users to create movies, videos and audio and then convert the media for the appropriate and optimal viewing on websites, videogame consoles and iPods.

Do you want to control the online videos by encoding it? The Metrix Stream video encoding features gives you full control and a wide variety of options related to accessing your content through live video streaming software. Metrix Stream presents an inventory control and management solution with live streaming software so that your customer can use to buy your online content, products and music.

HDR with Camcorder – Canon Vixia HFS100
video software
Image by Captain Kimo

This HDR photo was taken with my camcorder, the Canon Vixia HFS100. The Vixia HFS100 is an amazing little HD video camera taking superior quality HD video. Not only is it amazing with video but it has an 8mp still camera mode that rivals my DSLR camera in quality. The camera features of this video camera is limited, but there is an AEB mode which allows me to manually or automatically adjust my exposure. Which is absolutely perfect for me!

So far I’ve taken 3 amazing HDR photos including this one. The other HDR photos I will upload in a seperate post. I’ll also post an article with a bunch of regular exposures too. I’ve taken several with the local kittens here that are adorable.

The Canon Vixia HSF100 is one amazing little machine… and when I say little, I literally mean it. The video camera fits right into the palm of my hand. If it were any smaller you might mistake it for a point and shoot camera.

I can’t say enough good things about this video camera. Especially since both my professional SLR cameras broke during my SE Asia trip. Now all have have left is this dinky thing. But for being so small it sure does pack a mean punch!

Goes to show, good HDR photography doesn’t require a digital SLR camera. All you need is a camera with the ability to adjust exposure and a little creativity. A tripod and remote control also goes along way!

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Use Video Software To Create Online Video

If you have been toying with the notion of creating lots of video Wares to sell on the web – you may been throwing around more visions than you can actually be aware how to go about capitalizing on. This is an easy hole to fall into so it’s essential to do some brainstorming for concepts initially, but always be certain to put a limitation on your conception developing stage. If you let it draw on, you’ll never get anything done. Set deadlines for yourself even when you believe you don’t have to. Don’t fool yourself into believing that you’re making progress toward your goal when in fact you haven’t gotten anything done.

The failure to focus on one job and take it through to successful finish is a perfect sign that you’re dillydallying. If you get a brainwave for creating a different video production each day, but you still haven’t created a complete product to trade on the World Wide Web, make up your mind to do something about it now. Suppose your friends all say you’re a natural comedian and you’ve been playing around with the thought of producing a comedy routine or skit. One way to get it done is by setting priorities, sticking to a plan, and making deadlines.

Set a day and time to shoot the video and stick to it by approaching this as if you were doing a job for hire. When you put your mind to getting things finished, you’ll begin to observe a big difference in the results you get. How much time you give yourself depends on how much time you can actually spend working on the project, of course. If you’re making this at night or on the weekends, you evidently need more time than a full-time Internet marketer who is planning a promotional video recording for a site. Get out of bed 60 minutes earlier if that’s the only way you can find time to do it and approach it as a project for one month by marking your filming for one month from now – then stop thinking about it and begin composing a script.

As Jack London said, “You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club”. You have to get something written on paper to trigger off connections between ideas and my best thoughts always come during the composing process – never in the “thinking about what to write” stage.

Experience has taught me to just begin writing and get it all down on paper so when I make a first draft in front of me, that’s when I get inspired. I see all sorts of things I ne’er would have found without the stimulus of the ideas that came on the face of it out of nowhere as I was working on the first draft of my script. So stop thinking about it and get a script on paper, then revise, shoot it and put it up for sale on the Internet – but get started up today.

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Patagonia Alive
video software
Image by Stuck in Customs
While walking across this open field in the Andes, I stopped countless times to open up my tripod. I’d only walk a short distance before looking around again and seeing everything anew.

I’d like to go back here on another epic hike. Perhaps I’ll go in the deep of winter next time. This place would be even more amazing under a fresh snow.

– Trey Ratcliff

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