Free Video Editing Software For New Video Producers

No one can create a video to post online without considering the editing process. The editing process can run short but in most cases, it takes a while to complete. It’s best for a new video producer to learn about the free video editing software options that are available to users. There are a nice variety of editing software options for individuals to choose from. There are free editing software packages that range in difficulty to use from basic, up to advanced.

If the video that is being editing for uploading is being edited on a Mac computer, Mac users can use the iMovie software program. It takes a little time to get used to, but it works. While this editing software has its advantages and disadvantages, overall it works fine for what its purpose is for.

If an individual is using a Windows PC for their video editing purposes, they can use editing software such as Windows Movie Maker. This is a very simplified editing software package. The iMovie and the Windows Movie Maker editing packages are fine for the beginner video editor. The new user simply needs to familiarize themselves with the programs. Then, they can upload their movies online for viewing.

If video editing individuals who want to use more intermediate or advanced software, they can use an editing software program such as Final Cut Studio. There are other editing software programs that offer more advanced features. The new editor simply needs to get familiar with these programs, then they will find that they will be able to perform all sorts of tasks. However, one shouldn’t feel that they need to start out with an advanced video editing program. Again, using iMovie for Mac, or Windows Movie Maker for PCs works just fine for those who are just learning the video editing process.

Concerning optimizing a video for the search engines, you can perform lots of easy tricks that SEO professionals use. First, the importance of learning how to edit a video is so that you can learn how to break up your video into digestible pieces, so to speak. For example, let’s say that you have produced a twenty minute video regarding a certain topic. The video streaming websites such as YouTube will only allow videos to be 10 minutes long. Therefore, you will have to break up your twenty-minute video in half, at the very least. How would you go about this?

This is where your video editing skills come into play. You will have to determine the right break points in your video. This way, your viewers will be able to follow each video in a manner they can comprehend. You could add in a break such as fading to black, adding a pause, adding in script, or anything else that signals that a video is completed, and another one will follow. It would look disjointed to run a video that suddenly cuts off cold while a viewer is watching the video. Therefore, look for natural breaks in the video such as conversation lulls or pauses in between questions. Breaks in conversation or scenes provide natural breaks for video presentations.

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The Stanford Memorial Church – First Impressions of the Nikon D800
video software
Image by kern.justin

By this point, the internet is fairly full of Nikon D800 reviews. Photographers from around the world have largely confirmed that this camrea is a modern marvel. It boasts a 36.3-megapixel sensor and a bevy of professional video features to make even the most jaded photog drool in pure, unadulterated gear-lust.

Being a Nikon D700 shooter, I was curious if the rather large sum of money with which I parted would be sorely missed after shooting with the new beast. Rather than provide a point by point review, I thought I would stretch the sensor’s legs a bit and simply share the resulting frames.

I am happy to report that I am one happy customer. Not only does this camera slake the thirst of an admitted resolution junkie, but as we shall see in a moment, it’s high-ISO capabilities are out-of-the-park awesome. Rest assured, this camera is indeed in a class of its own.

A friend and I headed into the ruddy, amber confines of the Stanford Memorial Church at noon a few days ago to see what we could see.

I picked the church not only because it is close enough for me to sneak out and photograph on a quick lunch break, but also because it presents a dynamic range challenge that few other interiors can boast. There are a few hanging lanterns that cast a paltry yellow glow and a central, circular skylight that beams the gigalumens of the noon sun directly onto the floor. Consider also that the stations painted on the walls of the recessed porticos are in deep shadow and you have a dynamic range well above 14 stops.

What you see below are one exposure images from the D800, processed exclusively in Adobe Lightroom 4. The combination of this sensor and that software are nothing short of revolutionary.

Click through to my website to see which of these images were taken at ISO 6400!!

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