Using Video Submission Software In An Effective Manner

Supporting content marketing through video submission software can help to make the already-conscientious marketer even more successful when it comes to getting his or her video content out to as many of the Internet’s video directories as possible. Think of this software as being similar to software that helps to make article marketing much easier than it used to be. In fact, literally hundreds of directories can be accessed quite quickly with it.

The basic theory that underlies this sort of software is actually fairly easy to understand; after the video is completed, software will take it and begin creating specific accounts at each video submission directory. Once that’s been completed, sites such as YouTube and others will then take the video that’s been submitted by the software and post it. It could take a person days to do what the software does in short order, in other words.

Good video submission software programs handle the task of re-creating descriptions and titles (sometimes known as “spinning”) so that the video then becomes a unique product once it’s been submitted to each directory. As well, submission software can also create snapshot or very in-depth reports in Excel or PDF formats so that the video marketer can assess which directories have accepted the video and which haven’t.

In all, it’s hard to see a downside to something that has been designed to eliminate literally hundreds of man-hours from the task of submitting a video to a directory, when the aim should always be on producing a quality video and not on wasting time trying to get it submitted. Using video submission software can help reduce or completely eliminate the problem quickly, it must be said.

It’s helpful if one looks at submission software as being exactly like a tool that’s particularly valued and effective. As far as the content marketing event (taking useful content that may contain information about something that the marketer wishes to sell, for example) such video software can come in quite handy. It allows one to take the power of the Internet to do activities such as submitting a video quite easily, which is a real selling point when it, honestly.

Currently, the number of top quality video directories stands at about 40 or so. Additionally, another hundred video directories occupy the second tier, and it would take literally days for a person to take a single video and submit it to every directory that accepts video content from its members. The chances are also fairly high that a number of rejections would result because the directories might look at the video as what’s called duplicate content.

Once the software has been installed on a computer and a video created and entered into the software, it takes over from there. Titles, descriptions and a few other pieces of information are changed, and then the video submission software does its magic. The bottom line is that such software platforms can really make content marketing go much easier for any affiliate marketer (or anybody who wishes to promulgate a video widely) then it really usually is.

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Flip Mino
video software
Image by Island Capture (aka Silverph or psilver)
I finally got the Flip Mino!

After a few hours of testing, I can confidently say that this gadget rocks! Both hardware and software are well made and I have not encountered any problems recording and sending video to someone online.

Video and sound are great. Of course it does not compete with more expensive HD video cameras but for the price and size, this is worth having.

A very simple, no frills, very portable, it goes wherever I go, video camera. I originally got this so that I can record short videos to send to my son but it looks like I will be using this for other things as well.


PS, I got that flimsy tripod from Scott Sherman of "The Digital Photography Show Podcast" . Turns out to be handy for the Flip Mino!

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