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Are you looking out to convert video which you have recently created? You are excited to present the video? However, your primary problem would be with the conversion. In such case, you need to know about video software, format, video converter software, etc. Well, this can be possible with a reliable web source. Yes, with the web source, you would learn the step by step procedure which would help you to gift a perfect formatted video. Today, your gifts need to have an expression. The boring plain text doesn’t appeal anymore. This is why something interesting like videos can become the most effective way of expression.

There are various video formats present. One format may support some device whereas other needs a conversion. Today, the most portable players available in the market such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, PS3, Archos, iRiver PMP, Creative Zen and Apple TV supports mp4 format. However, they cannot support AVI format. Originally, some video software directly converts it into AVI. This is why conversion becomes important. Today, video converter software is available in the market. This software is increasingly being demanded by many people.

Moreover, today finding a converter program is much easier to find on the web. However, there are many choices which may make you puzzled. Convert DVD video to iphone is in high demand. Besides, video converter software is rightly available at a few clicks. Apple iPhone/iPad /iPod are some of the latest sensation in the market today. Amazing features makes this phone worth your purchase. In fact, it is simply more than a mobile phone. iphone offers an unusually high resolution wider screen and watching DVD movies on iphone becomes real fun. The audio quality simply makes it phenomenal.

DVD video converter or any other portable video converter software for iphone enables you to rip DVDs to small top quality videos and watch DVD straight on your iphone. Isn’t this remarkable? The top notch converter would just take one click and easily convert the files. The software can directly convert DVD movies to video formats compatible with Apple iphone on windows or Mac computer. Further, you would be amazed to know that the powerful DVD movie to iphone video converter suite can actually decode various file formats including MP4, WMV, Flash, FLV, MPEG, MOV, ASF, and encode it to iphone movies. Today, video converter is simple and frankly it is the most significant software that allows conversion process for new or experienced users.

With video quality you need to check for the audio quality as well. The technological advancements have proved to be a boon for all the techies and gizmos. Yes, you can easily find the best quality audio converter software as well as video converter software online. This software’s are one of its kind and the latest in the market and enables easy conversions. A video and audio converter guide online has detailed explanation about conversions, which further makes your task easier. Thus, explore the web source to get the best.

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Image by Stuck in Customs
Here is the convention center in Beijing at Dusk. They call it the CNCC. I don’t know what that stands for, but I can guess what two of the C’s mean.

This is a strange thing I have noticed about Beijing. Many people speak in abbreviations. I had many people tell me of the CNCC like it was something I knew perfectly well. I would just end up nodding because when I would ask for what it stood for, they were confused.

"You should go to the CNCC!" they say.

"What’s that?" I ask.

"Oh, you know! It’s the CNCC!" they respond.

– Trey Ratcliff

Read the rest and see a video of a fairly typical situation in a Chinese cab here at the Stuck in Customs blog.


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