Website Video Production Can Enhance Your Business

It’s no secret that having a video on your website and distributed through video directories, is monumental in helping to closing a sale. After all isn’t that why you have an online business…to make money… and why you’re here, researching the Video Production “IN’s and OUT’s”?

There are 2 routes you can take and depending on your budget and time, one of the following could be right up your alley.

Do It Yourself

If you are a “Do It Yourselfer”, have the time and love learning, purchasing Video Production Software is something you should investigate.

There exists several programs in the price range of $ 60 upwards over $ 1000, it just depends on the number of features you are looking for and how creative you want to get.

Getting The Most For Your Money

If you go for the “lower end”, you may find limited features or a premium application could be way beyond your scope and you could leave you feeling helpless to produce that prize winning Video because to execute your dream video winds up taking up waaay to much “tutorial” and trial and error time.

But who knows, you won’t know until you dive right in and once mastered, you can add “Video Productions” to your service arsenal and produce for others.

Check online internet marketing forum to research what software will give you most bang for your buck your needs.


Now this is where things get really fun!

You can outsource to anyone including advertising firms and even independent producers.

Independent Producer

Not very often but, depending on their work load, an independent can hand over a video production not even close to their “showcase” quality and you just spent anywhere from 400.00 or 700.00 for a 30-60 second creative.

By spending $ 50 or so to buy your own video software, you could have done better yourself.

What happens, when their work load is heavy, rather then losing the project by saying the turn around time will be 2 or 3 months, they will tell you “within the month” and outsource it again”. Once out of the lead producer’s hands, it can be a crap shoot.

Depending on who you speak with, this may or may not happen very often. But be careful and research at Internet Marketing forums to do your due diligence.

There are Fantastic Independent Video Producers out there. Do your homework!

Advertising Firms

Advertising firms are typically hired by corporations. But there are many that exist who produce stunning quality videos at respectable rates for smaller online businesses. Rates in these cases can vary, ranging from $ 1000 upwards for creatives lasting under one minute.

You might find a few that exist with rates at $ 400 or so for creatives lasting thirty to sixty seconds.

These firms are more accountable due to their position in the industry, so you’re much safer.

Firm Licensing

Rates not only depend on the creative, there’s also licensing agreements.

Your licensing fees are dependent upon where you will air your creative.

Fortunately since you’ll be airing your videos “Online” in most cases there is no extra fee or a very small one.

TV distribution is where you will get hit with licensing fees – National, Regional and Local Television distribution.

The end result is, make sure to talk to others and research – Do Your Homework to protect yourself!

Trying To Find MP4 Video Software? For A Limited Time Only You Can Get High Quality Custom Videos Created For You For Only A Month – Zero Licensing Fees!

Glacier in the Fog
video software
Image by Stuck in Customs
Yesterday’s photo was of Glacier National Park, and today we have another glacier – but this one is from Argentina.

The glaciers in Glacier National Park are really quite boring. I’m sure that’s not a nice thing to say, but it’s true. The only ones I saw were quite far away and not very epic-looking. Maybe I was in the wrong place, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong! 🙂

– Trey Ratcliff

Read more (and see a video of a cool workflow presentation) here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

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Choosing The Right Video Editing Software

When choosing the right video editing software, you need to make sure that the software you choose suits you in terms of functionality, hardware, compatibility, and price.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a video worth a thousand pictures? Actually, they’re worth even more. According to Forrester Research, one minute of video has the marketing power of 1.8 million words. Web videos are an amazing tool for marketing products and services on the internet. They have the advantage of being able to capture your target market’s attention and are more easily recalled and remembered by potential clients. Research has shown that visitors to a site who watch a video are 85% more likely to buy the product in the video than other users. In a world where attentions spans keep growing shorter and shorter, the ability to throw a quick “elevator pitch” at visitors to your site is an invaluable asset that marketing videos can provide.

Even the best raw footage runs the risk of looking shoddy if you botch the video editing stage. When creating your own video, your choice of easy to use video editing software is very important.

There are four point of primary consideration when it comes to choosing video editing software:


This may very well be one of the most important things to consider. Powerful video editing software can be very expensive, with some price tags in the area of $ 2000 and up. Make sure you know what your budget is before choosing which software to use. Easy to use video software doesn’t have to be expensive though; some of the decently powerful editing suites go for less than $ 400.


The most powerful video editing suites are also likely to require powerful (and expensive) hardware as well. Even the most powerful video editing software will be severely limited in capability by dated or insufficient hardware. Before choosing which video editing software to purchase, make sure that you know the specifications of the machine you are going to be running it on.


Certain video formats may not be compatible with other video editing software. The format of the raw video depends on the device that will be recording it. While conversion software exists that will remedy most of these problems, free conversion software that delivers video at the desired level of quality may not exist. If you also plan on using other specialized video-editing programs in conjunction with your video editing software, you need to be sure that all of these are compatible and can work together without issues. Before choosing your video editing software, make sure that you understand and have addressed all compatibility issues, both with software and hardware.

Interface/Ease of Use

You will want easy to use video editing software that is suited for your skill level as a video editor. If you have a lot of experience working with video, intermediate or advanced suites may be best for you. However, if you are relatively inexperienced with video editing, or have no experience at all, it may be best to stick to simple, uncomplicated programs. You won’t be able to utilize the full potential of advanced video editing software anyway; you can also save money, as the more powerful video editing suites are often much more expensive.

If you want to start marketing your product or service through videos you will benefit from easy to use video marketing software that can help you grow your product’s exposure and target specific markets for maximum profits. Get some handy video editing tips here.

The “Skyhorse” and its crew.
video software
Image by Guss De Blöd
Video ( lame, I didn’t have any software to edit, sorry ) : www.youtube.com/watch?v=lC-ckm_lLuo
More pics: guss.teammu.com/guss/index.php/lego/category/27-the-skyhorse

yep, I’m building some steampunk for an exhibition , and because I like it. I just finished this Dirigible, my goal was to make a motorized dirigible based on lego hulls… well that’s kind a failure cause it looks more like a "ship" than a dirigible, but I think it’s cool ( and not really photogenic ) but who cares?


Create your own videos and audios with video encoding

Live streaming video software is an uninterrupted service enabling you to watch or listen to on demand online videos. It is a great way to download digital content on the latest digital devices like set top boxes, home computers, portable devices.

Video encoding services allows you to convert your media and watch your favorite movies, programs or even music online. Interactive videos are also a great way to communicate with users or customers. Even the education and medical communities are using live video streaming software for advanced and interactive learning or even to assist in surgeries on patients from remote areas. Streaming video on demand is also very common in aircrafts where the passengers can watch online videos during their flight.

While creating a video stream, there are many video file formats to select from. The common formats are Windows media, Adobe flash, real media and quick time. Each format has its pros and cons and depends on the device and device software the user has. The most important point to keep in mind when creating streaming video on demand is that you should keep a separate file for each format to ensure your content is available to the maximum amount of users.

There are two ways to view media online, one is streaming video and the other is downloading. Downloading can allow you to save the file on your computer which you can open and view when you need. You will have to wait until the entire file downloads to the computer before viewing it though. Using a hyperlink to the file, you can provide the downloadable videos to users from your website or embed the file in a web page using HTML code. The user of the software can then either drag and drop the videos in the program’s interface or use the file browser to do so. The software itself can encode a wide variety of video formats including avi, flv, wmv and mp4.

Video Encoding software allows users to create movies, videos and audio and then convert the media for the appropriate and optimal viewing on websites, videogame consoles and iPods.

Do you want to control the online videos by encoding it? The Metrix Stream video encoding features gives you full control and a wide variety of options related to accessing your content through live video streaming software. Metrix Stream presents an inventory control and management solution with live streaming software so that your customer can use to buy your online content, products and music.

HDR with Camcorder – Canon Vixia HFS100
video software
Image by Captain Kimo

This HDR photo was taken with my camcorder, the Canon Vixia HFS100. The Vixia HFS100 is an amazing little HD video camera taking superior quality HD video. Not only is it amazing with video but it has an 8mp still camera mode that rivals my DSLR camera in quality. The camera features of this video camera is limited, but there is an AEB mode which allows me to manually or automatically adjust my exposure. Which is absolutely perfect for me!

So far I’ve taken 3 amazing HDR photos including this one. The other HDR photos I will upload in a seperate post. I’ll also post an article with a bunch of regular exposures too. I’ve taken several with the local kittens here that are adorable.

The Canon Vixia HSF100 is one amazing little machine… and when I say little, I literally mean it. The video camera fits right into the palm of my hand. If it were any smaller you might mistake it for a point and shoot camera.

I can’t say enough good things about this video camera. Especially since both my professional SLR cameras broke during my SE Asia trip. Now all have have left is this dinky thing. But for being so small it sure does pack a mean punch!

Goes to show, good HDR photography doesn’t require a digital SLR camera. All you need is a camera with the ability to adjust exposure and a little creativity. A tripod and remote control also goes along way!

Go to My Profile for:
* a list of my photography gear
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* a list of software I use
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There are a Thousand-And-One Video Pitfalls that Everyone Worries About. Here’s How To Avoid Them

Does the idea of video recording yourself seem too intimidating? Has this ever kept you from getting a simple sales message out on YouTube?

If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I have the same problem. Consider the following video creation issues I discovered after a quick look through Google.

First, I was instructed in no uncertain terms to buy the most expensive camcorder I could afford. The quality of the video suffers greatly unless the camera is first class.

The next thing I learned is that you have to have a tripod that costs at least $ 100 – $ 200 to insure it’ll be solid and firm enough not to wobble. I also learned you need a portable microphone and a “Lavaliere Microphone” (though I didn’t even know what that was).

There was EXTENSIVE advice on zooming, panning, lighting, composition, editing, narration – and even sorting and packing your equipment.

Wait. There’s more. You also have to consider cue cards vs. memorization – voice inflection – facial expression – noise minimization – and STAGE FRIGHT (my personal favorite)

All of this would make a lot of sense if you were re-making “Gone With The Wind”, but it’s way over the top if you’re just trying to explain or sell something.

You and I both understand that video sites like YouTube have incredible power, and that video accounts for more and more internet traffic (52% so far). We know that to get our message in front of the most pairs of eyes, we need to go video – but how do we avoid all of that other nonsense?

That’s a great question. One thing you might consider is to buy some super expensive video editing software. Then, after slogging through a huge learning curve, you could create one of those artsy video “masterpieces” you sometimes see on YouTube. You know, with the clever messages fading in and out, or leaping in and out, or dancing around each other, all accompanied by synchronized music.

Or, if you think that all of the above is a bit much just to get a straightforward message across, then why not consider something called “text to video” software?

It’s actually been around for a little while, but don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it. I hadn’t either until fairly recently. Basically, text to video software allows you to paste or type language into your computer. It then converts that language into audio speech. They developed it to the point where it’s far less robotic than in the past.

This makes creating a video as easy as typing an email, and since more and more people would rather watch and listen to a message then read a message, this kind of software has real value.

The one major issue to bear in mind though, is how the program handles video. My advice would be that when looking for a good text to video program, you should get one that produces a computerized image, rather than just flashing the words on the screen as they are being spoken. Viewers are more comfortable watching someone talk, then being forced to read along with the script.

Learn more about a new text to video program called VideoGoRound.com at Jennifer Gordon’s site: VIDEOGOROUND.COM . Find out how VIDEOGOROUND will address these issues.

Early Morning on the Dock/Cologne/Germany/Velotaxi CityCruiser
video software
Image by bill barber
Cologne (German: Köln , IPA: [kœln]; local dialect: Kölle [ˈkœɫə]) is Germany’s fourth-largest city after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, and is the largest city both in the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and within the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Area, one of the major European metropolitan areas with more than 10 million inhabitants.

See in the set entitled ‘Cologne’

Youtube Velotaxi Video

Exif Information
Camera: Fujifilm FinePix Z1
Exposure: 1/110
Aperture: f/3.7
Focal Length: 8.8 mm
ISO Speed: 200
Exposure Bias: 0/100 EV
auto mode
Orientation: Horizontal (normal)
X-Resolution: 72 dpi
Y-Resolution: 72 dpi
Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 (20060914.r.77) Windows
Date and Time: 2008:08:24 14:59:56
YCbCr Positioning: Co-Sited
Exposure Program: Normal
Shutter Speed: 686/100
Brightness: 477/100
Maximum Lens Aperture: 360/100
Metering Mode: Pattern
Color Space: sRGB
Focal Plane X-Resolution: 4442 dpc
Focal Plane Y-Resolution: 4442 dpc
Compression: JPEG
Image Width: 1528 pixels
Image Height: 1004 pixels

Post-processing Information:
PhotoShop Elements 5: crop, colour balance


An Introduction To Learning Video Editing Software

Once you fully grasp how modern day video editing applications work you can have a great deal of fun editing your own clips on your computer at home. Editing videos presently has fast become so much more affordable when compared to editing several years ago.

The price of a good computer system for video editing is within reach of the regular consumer as well as there being a whole variety of video editing software packages created specifically with the enthusiastic amateur as the target market.

Additionally, video software package makers have had adequate time now for the layout of their software packages to develop fully and become quite intuitive as a result of regular enhancement and improvement. Once you know the essentials of practically any video editing computer software the choices from there are practically limitless.

Among the best spots to begin the procedure for trying to learn how to edit your footage is with one of several free software packages that you can get. For Microsoft Windows users this is easy with Microsoft Windows Movie Maker integrated within the operating-system.

Although quite elementary in its options, the best thing about Windows Movie Maker would be the fact it’s going to introduce you to the same on-screen style and design used by nearly all equivalent applications. Microsoft Windows Movie Maker is much simpler to use when compared to many of the more complicated software programs and will operate as a wonderful guide to everything that you will encounter any time you go on to more advanced software applications.

Any time you start up Windows Movie Maker or other basic program for editing video, you can expect to usually see the display presented into 3 individual areas. Within the top half of the display screen are right and left sections and underneath one whole area spanning the total width of the display.

The top left region presents a screen in which your clips will play. The top right probably will exhibit a variety of characteristics based on what you are working on at that moment. This is the location your video and audio library will show up and allow access to various sorts of tools.

The lower part of the display screen reveals the timeline which is probably the most fundamental factors to get to know. The timeline is quite simply a graphical reflection of your work and just what videos you have included so far. It shows you step-by-step, exactly how you are producing a new production.

An important aspect to think of at this point is the fact that these examples of video editing applications are known as non-linear video editing programs or NLEs. It’s not necessarily crucial for you to appreciate precisely why they are described as that however, there is one awesome thing about them that is important to realize.

Non-linear video editing programs are a class of software package that is recognized as non-destructive software.

The moment you import your treasured video files into the platform not a single thing you undertake when you’re editing or even making your current project modifies the original video the slightest bit. The original files will always be stored absolutely as they were when you initially imported them.

From the newcomers outlook this shows that even if you may well feel uncertain with what you are undertaking or maybe fear you will make a mistake but the only negative event which could come about is that you simply lose or mess up your project.

There’s nothing you can do to ruin or lose the actual footage. If you are keen on editing video at home on your personal pc then the simplest way to find out is always to grab some footage and a software system and just leap in and fool around with it.

You can always feel safe in the knowledge that not one thing you do can lead to irreversible loss of your source material. Soon you will become familiar with the software application and the fundamental layout of things and be cropping and editing your clips like a seasoned professional.

You can find extra editing video resources and further reading here: Video Editors and Premiere Elements Review

kurdistan All Art Posters
video software
Image by Kurdistan Photo كوردستان

Download FIlmora Here

Visit our store:

Adobe software

In this video I will go over Wondershare Filmora, a new video editing software specifically designed for beginners or people that want to get results fast.

Want To Buy A Cheap and Great Camera ? I’m using this one.

A Little bit more expensive would be this one, I’m also using it, great camera!

Disclamer: This software has been sponsored but all the opinions in this video are my own.
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Be sure to leave a comment and to check out my channel! I have a lot more video’s.

Host & Creator
Ignace Aleya

Outro music – “I Noticed You” by Blanket Music (soundofpicture.com)”


Easy Web Video For Your Website

When considering web video for your website, you need to look at all the different ways in which a person can benefit from either viewing or offering web video. There are good reasons why web video has become one of the most popular ways of viewing information on the internet. Web video has many purposes- the main one is to hook or grab the attention of the viewer, and entice them to take action. Web video can also be sold individually- especially if the video is centred on a niche topic which people are desperate to get information on.

Allowing individuals to download your videos from your website may cause the site to run slower if many people are downloading all at once. This is fantastic news when a site or a video is especially popular, however this could have a negative impact in the long run as prospective customers may get annoyed and frustrated and never return. However, this is not the only way in which an individual is able to benefit and profit from being able to offer web video from their website to the viewers of the website. More benefits are in store for these individuals, as well as for the individuals that are able to utilize the website for their viewing pleasure.

Web video takes up less time when it comes to playing the material in most instances, so many people prefer it to downloading the material- obviously this is entirely dependent on the internet connection speed. With the developments of flash to video software this problem has almost been eradicated. Viewers don’t need to have Quicktime or Real Player to view the video- the majority of browsers will be completely compatible.

This is fantastic as your website essentially becomes an extension of a television- they press a button and watch what they want to watch. Further to this developments in web video software such as ‘Video Pop-In Genius’ allows for web video to be presented in a pop-in format- the player slides into the site and the viewer is forced to take action. This can be a fantastic tool for internet marketers. Meanwhile, the process of downloading a video can take a longer amount of time since the individual will not be able to play the video at all until it is completely downloaded and the individual has located the file on their computer.


There is no doubt that in the not too distant future, downloading web video will be a thing of the past. Fast broadband connection speeds will become standard, and dial-up will no longer be available. Server speeds and reliability are constantly being improved to. Flash video software is here to stay, and allows you website viewers to watch web video with ease.

Need web video for your website? Discover reviews of the leading web video software available. Please visit:http://www.easywebvideosoftware.com

Starflight over Pointy Land
video software
Image by Steven Christenson
65 exposures were combined in Long Streaks mode using the Advanced Stacker PLUS software. I also used a technique that is described in this video to bring out the unpainted foreground.

I just let the camera run while helping students with their shots. A light bit of high clouds helped to "smear" the stars a bit and make their color more apparent. For example the bright star Antares is visible dashing between two of the towers as a red "comet".

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Free video cutting tool AllPepole video cutter

AllPepole video cutter is a free video cutting tool, to help you reduce and split your video files into small size, you can use it as a “video cutter”, “video merger” or “video converter”. Program can support most video formats such as MPEG1/2, MPEG4, DIVX, XVID, AVI, WMV, MOV, Flash video, video output can have a good video quality. Without any professional IT still, there is no need for any knowledge of the entire video format; IT is very easy to use. No advertising or spyware, this simple software is 100% clean and safe, and completely free for you.

AllPepole video cutter is specially designed for cutting video also provided the possibility, to save the results for different formats.

The main characteristics

Cutting: in AllPepole video cutter main interface import video can cut them into several parts. For this, users only need to define the start time and end time of each clip.

Customization: this software can modify the features of the advanced Settings generated clips. In fact, the user can change the display the number of frames per second, or the quality of the tape.

The output format: AllPepole video cutter also offers the possibility of a selected record format. It can output all kinds of multimedia format. For example, we can cite WMV, AVI or QuickTime.

Destination folder: export before the video cutting, the program allows users to select in advance; the output folder will be saved. This is in order to promote the process, file search.

AllPepole Free Video Cutter software full version free downloads for windows XP/7/8. Get offline installer setup direct high speed download link of free video cutter & joiner for windows 32/64 bit PC. You can use this as movie cutter a joiner.

This is the best freeware video cutter and joiner software. Simple cutter and joiner software you can cut long videos into short clips and join those video clips together to make a new video clip. Free video cutter and joiner software works well with many file formats such as MP4, MPEG, AVI, 3GP, FLV, WMV.

System requirements
The operating system: Mac only
Download video cutter at iTunes store:

More video software at AllPepole: www.allpepole.com

Allpepole software for all people, Media Player, Photo Editor, Mobile Swap, Video Converter, Video Merger , Video Cutter etc.

~ Kimoto Spin Action ~
video software
Image by ViaMoi
A reshaped ViaMoi relic, Kimoto.
Having to reshape this design to an available 3000px X 3000px, I decided to have it as my Thursday image. Photoshop has always been a favorite software of choice and this one was achieved using an action I wrote for the wrap design.

See a video of me making a similar design in 90 seconds.


I celebrate a fantastic week with this image and offer it to anyone wanting it for any reason. A souvenir from your friend ViaMoi for a screen saver or background.

Have an incredible Thursday to those of you just getting started, and I hope your day is going well for those of you already far into Thursday.
It doesn’t matter what day it is or where we all are, what matters is we all get along through our images and offer whatever we can to our friends. (not before coffee)

as always, a BIG HELLO from Ottawa, Canada

Top 8 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

Best video editing software for YouTube (free & pro)
NEW LIST ► http://channelempire.com/best-video-editing-software-youtube
Get your free eBook: http://channelempire.com/vip

Here are some video editing software recommendations for creating your YouTube videos.

Basic Video Editing Programs (Free)

YouTube Video Editor (PC/Mac) http://youtube.com/editor – YouTube’s very own video editor. It’s very basic and okay to use as a beginner, but I don’t recommend using it for too long because of the lack of features and the fact it’s an online editor.

Windows Movie Maker (PC) http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-live/movie-maker – Free video editor for Windows users. It works well and is recommended for beginners who are just diving into video editing. Very basic. Better than the YouTube editor but don’t expect too much.

iMovie (Mac) http://apple.com/mac/imovie – An easy to use video editor for Mac users. iMovie has a good amount of features built into it and can be used as your go-to editor for a very long time. A lot of YouTubers use this. I used it for years. Highly recommended.

LightWorks (PC/Mac) http://lwks.com – I personally haven’t used LightWorks, but it is talked about a lot as being one of the best free video editing programs for Mac and Windows users. Try it out and see what all the fuss is about. You might like it.

Professional Video Editing Programs (Paid)

Pinnacle Studio (PC) ► http://channelempire.com/go/pinnacle-studio – An affordable entry-level program that is slightly better than a free video editor.

Corel VideoStudio Pro ► http://channelempire.com/go/corel-videostudio-pro

CyberLink PowerDirector ► http://channelempire.com/powerdirector

Adobe Premiere Elements ► http://amzn.to/1CrmHiA

Camtasia (PC/Mac) ► http://amzn.to/1D95wCN – Camtasia is a bit pricy, but it is nice to have because not only does it perform as a good video editing program, but it also has the ability to record your computer screen. It’s good for intermediate users who want more features than the basic free video editing programs.

ScreenFlow (Mac) ► http://amzn.to/1wXZNPs – ScreenFlow is a fantastic video editor which also has the ability record your computer screen like Camtasia. For Mac users I highly recommend ScreenFlow. It’s easy to use, and it’s pretty affordable. I still use it to make a lot of my YouTube videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro (PC/Mac) ► http://adobe.com/products/premiere.html – Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most powerful video editing programs for Mac and Windows. If you want the most features then think about going with this. It’s more difficult to learn, but it’s one of the most popular professional video editors available.

Final Cut Pro (Mac) ► http://apple.com/final-cut-pro – Final Cut Pro X is what I use for most of my YouTube videos. If you’re on a Mac and you’ve been using iMovie but you want the next step up, then I’d recommend going to Final Cut Pro. It’s layout is similar to iMovie, and it’s easier to learn than Adobe Premiere Pro in my opinion. It’ll give you a ton of features that will make it possible to create some very professional looking videos.

Sony Vegas (PC) ► http://bit.ly/1U10dl1

Windows users: Complete beginners should start with Windows Movie Maker to get the feel of the video editing process. Then move onto an intermediate program like Camtasia, Adobe Premiere Elements, or CyberLink PowerDirector. When you’re ready to get the most powerful, go with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Mac users: Beginners should start off with iMovie since it’s free for all Macs, plus it’s easy to use. Then get ScreenFlow when you’re ready for an intermediate program. When you’re ready to create professional videos, go with Final Cut Pro.

I hope this guide helps you out, but remember: the most important thing is not what video editor you choose but how you use it. Pick one and learn as much about it as possible. The better you know your video editing software, the faster you’ll edit, and the more videos you can produce in less time!

Share this vid! http://youtu.be/nKRRdOR5vDQ
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Top 8 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube
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How To Understand Video Editing Software Reviews

A great source of related information and guidance if you are looking to decide on the most suitable video editing software are reviews. You will find three key sources of video software reviews, each having its own pluses and minuses. Once you understand each kind of video editing software review then this can make it possible for you to make a sound final choice.

The very first kind of video editing software review is what we could very well describe as a professional review. These are typically reviews written by technically qualified or technically savvy reviewers so are typically located online or in publications which specialize in the subject of video or video editing.

Ordinarily these types of reviews take the completely technical areas of the software applications and simplify them down into terminology just about anyone are able to grasp. They’re also effective at making it clear as to whether the software functions efficiently and is technically acceptable. They have the equipment to examine the software programs using reasonably authentic scenarios and so they are able to provide a good idea of the software program and whether it is ideal for your requirements.

The negative aspect to a lot of these reviews is that very often they might be a little biased in support of at least one brand name or maybe away from an alternative. Ordinarily this is due to the fact that the reviewer has developed a track record of very good results with a selected product or bad outcomes with another. Most likely most reviewers seek to maintain an unprejudiced eye with regards to each selected piece of software yet personal inclinations may easily creep in given that they are only human after all.

The other main detail to take into consideration with expert reviewers is that more often than not they are rather technically sophisticated with regard to their expertise of software and their capacity to use it. This will at times cause them to appraise a video editing software product more negatively than maybe it deserves because the reviewer is employing an expert point of view to a consumer grade product. Keep this in mind when you find yourself looking at these reviews and always ask yourself really what amount of it realistically does apply to you.

The next common variety of evaluations are end user reviews. These include most often, critiques composed by end users who purchased the video editing software in question and have opted to write about their experiences with it on-line.

When looking at these types of reviews note that the effort to keep the emotion out of the assessment which you get in any professional review will tend to be altogether lacking! Consumer reviews are frequently extremely zealous in both their endorsement and their censure! Try to look for the more fair minded articles for suggestions.

Simply because the person speaks with enthusiasm either in condemning the software or supporting it utterly does not necessarily mean these kind of reviews are without at least some benefit. Often user evaluations will uncover some very worthwhile aspects of the software application that maybe you had not thought of.

Nonetheless take into account that people are more prone to generate an adverse review than they are to create a positive one. As a rule if a person purchases some video editing software and it is working well then they simply move on with their day-to-day lives. On the other hand an individual having a terrible encounter will wish to inform all mankind!

The last way to obtain guidance in regards to video editing software are the discussion boards affiliated with each distinct software brand name. Similar to the other two kinds of review sources these should be understood to be of worth to you.

If you pay a visit to a forum to acquire some knowledge concerning video editing software go through the subject areas to work out what the overall opinion of the software program is. Obviously you’ll discover problems and grievances, these will be on virtually all user discussion forums irrespective of the software you are reviewing.

What you need to look for are longer forum threads relating to a unique concern which is still on the top of the primary message board web page. This means that a difficulty that is until now unresolved and is perhaps a bug in the software. Browse these ones to check out what is happening considering that it could have an impact you.

Should you come across a a posting thread which would seem to present a genuine problem take a look at it attentively to ensure the problem is the software application rather than a member simply not carrying out what forum participants are advising him to do to remedy the problem.

If you are deciding upon video editing software different types of reviews could help in acquiring a good evaluation of the software coming from a large number of sides. Just take into account that each category of review will likely to be looking at the subject coming from their own individual position. Always make the most of free trials of the software package on your own computer to be sure it is an appropriate video editing software for you.

Click here to read more on how to choose video editing software and video editing software reviews.

Java Ranch
video software
Image by Jims_photos
A typical Texas coffee bar…lol..Just kidding. The Java Ranch is located about an hours drive from Austin in Frederickburg, Texas. Which, use to be just a wide spot in the road back in the 50ies, but now it has turned into a tourist trap, okay, tourist hangout. The town was started by German immigrants who started coming to south Texas around 1830. WoW! What a ride that must have been. Anyway, now the town and area are know for antiques and wine. Plus, all the building, downtown, look very retro to late 1800’s or early 1900. Don’t know if you can read it, but on the back of the T-Shirt, center far left, it says, Instant Human, Just add Coffee..:)
Going hiking tomorrow. A friend of mine is taking me to some new trails. Looking forward to that.
Anyone using Photoshop should follow the link below for live video feel from Adobe on Boudoir Photography

More Video Software Articles


Use Video Software To Create Online Video

If you have been toying with the notion of creating lots of video Wares to sell on the web – you may been throwing around more visions than you can actually be aware how to go about capitalizing on. This is an easy hole to fall into so it’s essential to do some brainstorming for concepts initially, but always be certain to put a limitation on your conception developing stage. If you let it draw on, you’ll never get anything done. Set deadlines for yourself even when you believe you don’t have to. Don’t fool yourself into believing that you’re making progress toward your goal when in fact you haven’t gotten anything done.

The failure to focus on one job and take it through to successful finish is a perfect sign that you’re dillydallying. If you get a brainwave for creating a different video production each day, but you still haven’t created a complete product to trade on the World Wide Web, make up your mind to do something about it now. Suppose your friends all say you’re a natural comedian and you’ve been playing around with the thought of producing a comedy routine or skit. One way to get it done is by setting priorities, sticking to a plan, and making deadlines.

Set a day and time to shoot the video and stick to it by approaching this as if you were doing a job for hire. When you put your mind to getting things finished, you’ll begin to observe a big difference in the results you get. How much time you give yourself depends on how much time you can actually spend working on the project, of course. If you’re making this at night or on the weekends, you evidently need more time than a full-time Internet marketer who is planning a promotional video recording for a site. Get out of bed 60 minutes earlier if that’s the only way you can find time to do it and approach it as a project for one month by marking your filming for one month from now – then stop thinking about it and begin composing a script.

As Jack London said, “You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club”. You have to get something written on paper to trigger off connections between ideas and my best thoughts always come during the composing process – never in the “thinking about what to write” stage.

Experience has taught me to just begin writing and get it all down on paper so when I make a first draft in front of me, that’s when I get inspired. I see all sorts of things I ne’er would have found without the stimulus of the ideas that came on the face of it out of nowhere as I was working on the first draft of my script. So stop thinking about it and get a script on paper, then revise, shoot it and put it up for sale on the Internet – but get started up today.

Knowing more helps you make better decisions, like on the topic of Invu document management . View us at Cintas document management .

Patagonia Alive
video software
Image by Stuck in Customs
While walking across this open field in the Andes, I stopped countless times to open up my tripod. I’d only walk a short distance before looking around again and seeing everything anew.

I’d like to go back here on another epic hike. Perhaps I’ll go in the deep of winter next time. This place would be even more amazing under a fresh snow.

– Trey Ratcliff

Read more (and see a behind-the-scenes video from the new app, Stuck on Earth) here at the Stuck in Customs blog.


What can Live Streaming Video Software Offer to Online Businesses and Individuals?

One of the most widely used internet technologies, streaming video on demand offers a trend that not just benefits business, but is also great for consumers. The most commonly used live streaming technology video on demand permits users to access streaming video files using a web browser. In addition to product information on websites, live streaming software can include robust content like virtual classrooms and seminars.

Advantages that live streaming software can provide to individuals:

One major benefit of live video streaming software is the ability to get to a large number of views from around the world to watch content. From students to movie fanatics, anyone can get knowledge and information using live streaming video technology. Some other features of streaming video on demand are:

Helps users stream video and audio live from your PCYou can watch video streams from any web browser with a Flash plug-in or in Windows Media PlayerHost any number of pre-recorded video filesStream videos in any file formatStream video or jpg images from your webcamPre-record video for broadcast with DVR Advantages of live streaming for businesses:

Though the benefits of video on demand software depend upon the nature of your business, it is sure to promote any kind of product or service in a very compelling way.

Boosts Marketing Revenue: The use of live video streaming software not only makes it easy to promote your products/services, but it can also help increase advertising revenues to provide additional profit for your website content. By using live streaming video on your website you can get:

More potential customersCost effective platform for long distance learningAn easy way to attain results quicklyHigher benefits with lower costs
Live video streaming software on your website will help you:

Record programs for use indefinitelyPermit instructors to teach from anywhereReach numerous students/employees with virtual classesSell product/ services directly on your site in a more compelling manner
Try live streaming video software to benefit from this innovative technology. Search online to get the most appropriate video on demand software for your business or individual needs.

Video encoding – Solve all the problems your visitors face while uploading the digital movies by opting for live streaming software. Visit metrixstream.com to get live video streaming software . Increase ROI and make your business better by using streaming video on demand for your business.

YSE #28, me/END/you, is published.
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Image by YSE mag
jun.jul.ago. 2011
inviernosurveranonorte | ISBN 978-1-4477-5745-0

Get it ON PAPER.
Also available @ Lulu.

Download PDF

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Preocupados con actualizarnos constantemente, con obtener el último modelo de quién sabe qué, con lucir la insignia del consumidor moderno, informado, a la última.

Minados por ubicuos mensajes que insisten en recordarnos que siempre hay algo mejor, que lo que tenemos nunca es ni será suficiente, es y está destinado a ser antiguo, de la temporada pasada o lo que es lo mismo pero no igual, de hace siglos, que en consumo equivale a una era.

¿Y si decidimos no estarlo?

¿Y si decidiéramos no correr en pos del futuro hecho gadget, vehículo todoterreno o camisa a la moda?

Entonces es cuando descubrimos que estamos obligados. Que lo que parecía una opción no es más que una forma de enmascarar que los propios objetos nos fuerzan a desecharlos.

-Tienen voz propia y ejercen sus mandatos.

El sistema operativo ya no es compatible con el software que necesitamos instalar, el portátil ya no tiene la entrada que requiere el nuevo periférico, la mesa de Ikea no resistió la mudanza, la suela del zapato de la primavera pasada ya se ha despegado.

Todo ello concienzudamente programado para mantener un sistema que nos mantiene a su vez a nosotros. Para mantener nuestro trabajo, para mantener el trabajo de los que mantienen nuestro trabajo, para no romper un ciclo de compra-eliminación-compra más allá del cual produce -hmm… vaya término- pánico mirar.

Y mientras nos preparamos, una vez más, para actualizarnos, llenamos el contenedor de la basura con recursos malgastados. Desechamos trabajo de otros: trabajo diseñado para ser desechado. Objetos con fecha de expiración programada que cumplen sin errores ni retrasos su única función: asegurarse de que recordemos efectuar la siguiente compra.

¿Es ésta la única forma de alimentar el ciclo?

¿Hasta cuándo podrán los recursos soportar una carrera sin meta/s?

¿Esperaremos hasta entonces para imaginar alternativas?



Concerned with being constantly updated, with obtaining the latest model of who knows what, with wearing the badge of the modern, informed, up-to-date consumer.

Undermined by ubiquitous messages that insist in reminding us that there’s always something better, that what we have is nor will never be enough, is bound to be old, of the last season or, which is the same but not, of centuries ago, which in consumption is equal to an era.

What if we decide not to be?

What if we decide not to run in pursuit of a future made into a gadget, a SUV or a trendy shirt?

It’s then that we realise we’re forced. That was seemed an option is nothing but a way to mask the fact that the objects themselves force us to discard them.

-They have a voice of their own and take command.

The operating system is no longer compatible with the software we need to install, the laptop does not have the required input for the new peripheral, the Ikea table didn’t resist the move, the soles of the shoes we bought last spring have come apart.

All of this thoroughly programmed to support a system that in turn supports us. To keep a job, to support the job of those who support ours, to not break a cycle of purchase-disposal-purchase beyond which we panic just to look.

And while we once again prepare to update, we fill up the trash bin with wasted resources. We dispose of the work of others: work designed to be thrown away. Objects with a programmed expiration date, which serve their only function without errors or delays: to make sure we remember to make our next purchase.

Is this the only way to keep the cycle?

How long will resources be able to support a race without (a) finishing line(s)?

Will we wait until then to imagine alternatives?


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