Web Video V2f – Which Software To Choose?

Web video is here to stay, specifically flash video. There are more than 1 billion users currently worldwide, and less than 1% websites today incorporate streaming video- this is set to explode, and you should want to get involved before it does. Flash video technology has surpassed the current capabilities of QuickTime, Windows Media Player and Real Player. The good news is that there are some extremely powerful yet affordable options in v2f or ‘video to flash’ software marketplace. It is important to weigh up functionality versus cost when comparing web video software.

V2f (Easy Web Video)

V2F (also known as easy web video) is perhaps the most professional web software currently available, suitable for users of all levels of experience. Users can convert and upload their videos with a few clicks, however the savvier web video producer and internet marketer has many other options at their disposal. The ability to fully customize the html code, apply affiliate links to one’s video emails and free video hosting are great features. The web site does not really do the product enough justice. Only issue is sometimes customer support takes a few days to respond to enquiries.

Video Web Wizard

Keith Gilbert has produced a fantastically simple piece of software in Video Web Wizard. The software is definitely geared more towards your internet marketer rather than general web video user. Its extremely user-friendly interface allows simple and quick creation of web video. Whilst it lacks some of the bells and whistles of its competitors, Video Web Wizard is an ideal choice for beginners, and for those that only require basic video on their website.

Webmaster Mediamaker

Webmaster Mediamaker is an often overlooked option in the web video marketplace and I am not sure why. It certainly has the same basic features- flash conversions, fully customizable player appearance etc. A fantastic feature is its ability to prevent your video being directly accessed or ‘hotlinked’ from sites you don’t want. Without doubt Webmaster Mediamaker is the most affordable option, and can be bundled with audio streaming software for extra features. The website does not really represent the product that well either.

Video Pop-In Genius

If you are a serious internet marketer, then Video Pop-In Genius will appeal to you. Its unique ‘pop in’ appearance appears to bypass pop-up blockers and most certainly immediately attracts the attention of the website visitor. There is a wealth of options in terms of customizing the appearance, style, speed of the ‘pop in’ player ensuring the greatest flexibility in your web video campaigns. This is not a gimic, and one can easily see ‘pop in video’ becoming the standard in the future. Not sure whether this will appeal to every user however- as mentioned for for marketing purposes.


Flash based video software is definitely the present and future of web video as it results in a much smaller file while retaining the majority of its quality. This results in an enhanced experience for the viewer, and less glitches and issues viewing video based on internet connection speed. Whilst some would argue that there are free web video players available which are competent enough, there are definitely numerous benefits of considering purchasing web video software.

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